EM Transfer Services began as a produce distributor, and though we’ve since expanded our offerings to include dry and refrigerated truckloads, LTL, and more, we’ve never lost sight of our roots. We’re still the same Illinois-based company with the same commitment to quality and customer service. And while we may have grand plans for expansion in the future, we’ll always remember where we came from. After all, it’s that produce distribution expertise that sets us apart from the competition. 

1. Drop Trailer

In a nutshell, it’s when a carrier leaves a trailer in your possession for an extended period. Doing this allows you to work the freight onto/off of a trailer at your convenience, on your schedule and at a predictable price. There are several benefits to drop trailer service, but the biggest one is probably the convenience factor. If you have a big shipment that needs to be moved, drop trailer service can save you a lot of time and hassle.

2. Warehousing

Warehousing plays a vital role in the overall supply chain process. Today’s warehousing model continues to evolve to stay ahead of the ever-increasingly fast-paced supply chain environment. Cargo owners are looking to gain more than just storage; they need flexibility, cost savings, value-added services, improved inventory control, and most importantly- processes which can improve efficiency and streamline your entire supply chain.

3. LTL – Partial

LTL shipping can be a pain, but EM Transfer Services is here to help! We understand the challenges of LTL shipping and have the experience and technology to make quoting and executing shipments a breeze. Our excellent customer service, industry expertise and LTL platform are second to none. We work with you to identify areas where your transportation practices can be improved for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Shipping with EM Transfer Services is the smartest way to ship!

4. Truck Load

Being in the trucking business, you know that anyone can give you a great rate. But getting a great rate backed by excellent service? That’s a whole different story. At Ally, we go the extra mile to service your freight. We understand that your time is important, so we offer electronic driver tracking, scheduled check-calls and even work after-hours to accommodate your needs. The Ally team provides a level of customer service and satisfaction that’s rare in our industry because we know that you’re not just another number to fill up our loads. When you become an Ally, you join a family that works hard to get you where you need to be.

5. Dry Van

If you’re not familiar with the term, dry van shipping services refer to the transportation of goods in sealed, fully enclosed trailers. These trailers are designed to accommodate large volumes of freight and equipment that don’t require temperature control. In other words, your shipment will be protected from the elements (hence the term “dry”). Most dry van trailers can haul up to 43,000 – 45,000 pounds, making them a popular choice for truckload shipping. 

6. Intermodal Rail

There’s routing to consider, loading and unloading, and making sure everything arrives on time. It’s a lot to juggle-and that’s before you even think about the cost. That’s where we come in. EM Transfer Services, we take the headache out of intermodal shipping, so you can focus on what matters: your core business. We have access to thousands of rail and carrier owned containers, which allows us to provide competitive door-to-door service. And if you need help with the domestic end of your import or export moves, we’ve got you covered there as well.

7. Flatbed

If you’re in the business of shipping large, heavy loads, then you know that flatbed freight service is the way to go. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to cram a square load into a round hole. With a flatbed, you can just load up your shipment and be on your way. And if you’re worried about your load getting damaged during shipping, don’t be – most flatbeds come with built-in straps and tie-downs to keep your shipment secure. So whether you’re shipping construction materials or oversized machinery, make sure to choose a flatbed freight service for the job.

8. Temp Controlled 

If you’re transporting chocolate in the summer or fish in the winter, you’ll want to consider using a temp controlled freight service. These services can help to ensure that your food remains fresh and tasty, no matter what the temperature is outside. By keeping your food at a consistent temperature, you can avoid spoilage and preserve the quality of your product. In addition, temp controlled freight services can also help to prevent food poisoning. 

We are Looking for professional CDL Drivers!

Are you a professional CDL driver? Do you have a passion for the open road? If so, we want you! We are looking for experienced CDL drivers to join our team. You’ll enjoy competitive pay, flexible hours, and the opportunity to travel the country.