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Here at EM Transfer Services our core values to providing the best logistical services possible can be identified by the three C’s

  • CommunicationWe deeply believe that streamlined and sincere communication is at the core of our relationship with customers and carriers. Listening to the customer’s needs, helping prioritize their objectives and coordinating with carriers to realistically support customers without overpromising are the foundations of our communication etiquette.
  • CommitmentExcellence can only be achieved through commitment. There are no shortcuts in how we operate: we are committed to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate delivery solution; we are committed to operate in a way that is respectful of diversity and inclusive, with zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind; we are committed to identify the logistic plan with the smaller impact on the environment; we are committed to grow and help our partner grow in a socially responsible manner.
  • ConsistencyDoing your best once generates illusions. Doing your best always generates trust. By consistently serving our customers to the highest standards and identifying the most qualified carriers, we have built a solid network of partnerships. Mutual trust gained through the evidence of continuous strong work ethics is the best insurance for customer’s expectations to be fulfilled.